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We provide a safe and nurturing environment where you can begin to explore barriers, and yourself in order to become your ideal self. We believe that in order to truly begin the journey of counseling the therapeutic relationship between you and the clinicians comes from a genuine belief in being free from all judgments and focusing on your strengths when navigating life’s obstacles.  We believe in focusing on you as a whole person and reconnecting the mind with the body.

Individual, Couples and Family Counseling


Every person is unique, and we believe in working with you to identify what approach to counseling will be the most effective based on who you are as a person. You are the expert on you and we take your lead in helping to navigate a path to who you would like to become. Possible concerns where we focus generally include: anxiety, depression, grief and bereavement, infertility, attachment, anger, attention/hyperactivity, behavioral concerns, divorce, family conflict, pregnancy/prenatal/postpartum concerns, sleep disturbance, parent coaching, sexuality and women's issues. We Provide services for ages 2 and up. If you do not feel that these describe your needs please contact us.

Play Therapy


It is through play that children communicate the feelings and thoughts. They often times do not have the words or are able to understand certain life situations in a way were traditional talk therapy is effective and children and their caregivers can often feel defeated and uncertain. We utilize a variety of play therapy approaches, however we come from an Adlerian and child-centered perspective. The way in which the Adlerian theory is used in play focuses on the crucial C’s and the belief that all people no matter what their age have an internal motivation to reach their fullest potential. It is when difficult behaviors arise, or traumatic life events occurs when caregivers often reach out for help. Because children develop at their own pace and have very different understand of life and it's events than adults we focus on help the child feel connect, capable, that they count and courageous. We do the by allowing the child to lead the therapy sessions and explore their world while the therapist gives voices to their emotions and experiences. It is in learning and internalizing these feelings as children that they will be able to more easily overcome future life stressors. We also utilize parent and child play therapies such as filial play therapy and thera-play to assist in attachment and parent coaching. Finally play therapy and expressive art therapy are much intertwined and we often use expressive therapies in conjunction with the play and sand tray. *For more information contact the office or visit our blog. 


Virtual Counseling + Coaching Services

We are now offering coaching services via Telehealth. Telehealth is the future of support services, we use a HIPAA complaint platform where you can feel at ease that your privacy is being protected. This service is for individuals looking to increase motivation and gain insight, learn new skills for problem solving and increasing creativity. We are also offering parent coaching and relationship coaching as well; where you will learn new a effective ways of navigating the many complex relationships we have and gain new skills for parenting in positive and rewarding ways. This service is perfect for those who maintain busy schedules where getting into a office feels nearly impossible and for those who are not located near our North Andover office. This services is currently being offered as a private pay service at this time to individuals 18 years of age and older who are located in the state of Massachusetts or Kentucky. The cost of this service is $60 per half hour. Please contact Rebecca Papadinis, LMHC directly for more information. 

Clinical Supervision for LMHC Licensure in Massachusetts

Rebecca Papadinis, LMHC and Katherine Carter, LMHC are excited to announce that they will now be accepting clinicians who need LMHC supervision hours in order to obtain licensure in Massachusetts. As previous supervisors and directors of 2 large community agency programs in the greater Lawrence area we understand the need for quality clinical supervision and the often frustrating process of being an independently licensed clinician. With our clinical supervision you can expect quality feedback in regards to best practices, ethical concerns, navigating the process of applying for licensure. Fee: $100 payable by cash, check or credit card. For questions or to set up a time meet contact Rebecca Papadinis at 978-417-1531

Private Pay vs Insurance

There are many questions regarding using insurance versus using private pay, so we have create a quick pros and cons list so you can decide

Private Pay Pros

-You and your clinician work together to decide on number of sessions, length of sessions and frequency of sessions

-You and your clinician develop a plan using various psychotherapy modalities, energy work, coaching, nutrition awareness, walk and talk therapy, intuitive movement, intuitive art and expression

-You and your clinician can decide together whether a or not specific diagnosis make sense for you, if you require a diagnosis at all. This is especially important for children, as so much of what they experience is natural development and giving them a diagnosis can pathologize childhood

-You choose what to focus on during your work with your clinician, we are constantly changing and our needs shift and your clinician and you have the freedom to change direction

-Continue to utilize telehealth services after insurance stops covering it

-Increased confidentiality as insurance no longer has access to your records

Private Pay Cons

-Private pay can feel expensive

-You may not be able to attend sessions as frequently due to the financial burden

-Long term counseling may be cost prohibitive and utilize insurance may be a better route to take for you

Using Insurance

-Most clients choose to use their insurance however, it may not be the best choice for you

-Insurance limits the number of sessions, the providers available to you, and the treatment modalities

-Insurance at times come with with large deductibles and you could be stuck with the bill if your insurance denies your claim

-You or your child must meet medical necessity and have an active and accurate diagnosis in order to receive the support of a counselor

-Couples using insurance are limited in number of session and length of sessions, which can make the couples counseling process take longer

Full Fee and Sliding Scale

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